Responsive & Accessible

We already know what we get when one political party holds a monopoly on Town government: unresponsive leadership, irresponsible housing developments and costly lawsuits.

The rights of the community to be heard and to be informed are critical to a responsive Town Government. We must always be conscious of our obligations to listen and communicate effectively as we work to address current concerns and problems.  We recognize that while town-wide issues are our focus, no individual matter is too small for a responsive town government.  We are proud that we respond promptly to everything from snowstorms to securing alternate transportation for residents in the wake of the Metro-North accident to downed trees and power lines.

• Introduced a new Mobile App – My New Castle 311 mobile application allows residents to report community issues such as potholes, downed trees, streetlights in need of repair, etc. Click graphic to download the mobile app
• Respond to residents on Facebook
• Improved communications both with and within Town Hall by simplifying Town Hall email addresses – our emails are now consistent with our web site @ instead of
• Improved communications both with and within Town Hall by creating new emails to  better address to citizen concerns — such as
• Facilitated the newly designed web site to allow residents to “Report a Problem” and “Contact a Board Member” with the click of a mouse.
• Respond to emails!
• Return phone calls

The Town is now being run in a more responsive and respectful fashion, all while still cleaning up the mess that was made under the arrogance of one party rule.