Results Matter, Labels Don’t

Team New Castle was launched four years ago. It was formed without political orientation. The reason is simple: our slate is committed to our town, its present and future. Our opponents like labels. Yet, they use misleading labels for us. Misleading residents is a sign that our opponents have nothing to run on. Our political affiliations have never, ever been hidden. Greenstein & Katz are Democrats, Brodsky is Independent. We are a bipartisan ticket. You will find us on the ballots on the Independence and Republican lines.

We were the outsiders.  We broke the status quo.   We brought fresh ideas, positive energy and a new approach.  We brought communication.  We brought energy & vision.  We are proactive.  We are responsive.  We listen.  We are saving money and increasing services.  The Town is now being run in a more responsive, responsible and respectful fashion, all while still cleaning up the mess that was made under the arrogance of “do nothing” club politics. We are Getting Things Done!

We don’t deny that there are serious issues on the state and national stages. We have not and will not ignore them. But as Supervisor and Town Board Members, when we are in those roles, we understand that the daily operation of New Castle and the plans for its future are our primary obligation. Our ticket is focused on fixing problems, not prosecuting beliefs. Results Matter, Labels Don’t!