Reusable Bag Initiative

Working with our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board, New Castle became a leader in New York State when we passed our Reusable Bag Initiative. Our law is the most comprehensive, environmental, and pro-business law of its kind in New York State. Many other towns around Westchester have followed our lead!   Click photo to read article in LoHud.

The Reusable Bag Law eliminates distribution of single-use plastic carryout bags at all stores and requires a 10-cent charge for paper shopping bags at the types of stores that use the most bags —grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies.

Our leadership by passing the reusable bag initiative was proof positive that we were the right community for DeCicco & Sons, who is setting the standards of ‘clean & green’ supermarkets throughout the country.  “It’s the perfect community for us to expand to,” stated John DeCicco, Jr.  “This is a true team effort made possible by the incredible assistance and hard work from Town of New Castle Supervisor Rob Greenstein, Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky, Steven Wolk of The New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board, and shopping center owner Chris Santomero.. just to name a few,” said DeCicco.  They have worked with us hand and hand throughout every detail, assuring us and the community that our newest DeCicco & Sons market will become a reality in Millwood.”  Click photo to read coverage.

We respect our environment. We are making a difference locally, and beyond. We are Getting Things Done!