Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – We Started It – We Should Finish It

Four years ago, we promised to work hard on revitalizing our downtown business districts.  Prior administrations studied, studied and studied.  They spent almost $1 million on studies.  The time for studies was over.

Since 2011, Rob has been advocating for the need to revitalize Chappaqua’s downtown business districts.  Rob formed the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce in 2012 before he ran for Supervisor.  Adam works in a family-owned real estate company.  He has a vast knowledge of business negotiation and cost cutting.  Adam is leading our Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project.

We planned our infrastructure project – the biggest public works projects in recent Town history.  The nearly century old water mains are years beyond their design life of 75 years.  Sewer mains, installed over 50 years ago, are corroding from the outside in from sitting in acidic and unstable soil. This shift in the position of the main and manholes has contributed to the spike in sewer blockages which wreak havoc on our downtown businesses. Click photo for quick video.

This project includes infrastructure such as sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water mains, as well as streetscape such as landscape, lighting, sidewalk, curbing and street characteristics.  This project will be funded through a variety of sources to include, operating funds, fund balance and bonded debt. Residents can look forward to new wider sidewalks, attractive new public spaces, new crosswalks and traffic/parking improvements that will make it safer and more enjoyable to walk around our downtown.  This project will improve the overall aesthetic of our Chappaqua Hamlet and finally provide us with an infrastructure platform that will allow our downtown to grow and prosper.  Click here to read more

Our opponents have once again resorted to misleading residents.  They claim that this will result in $11.6 million more in taxes – not true!  Over the past 3 years, Comptroller Rob Deary has replenished our depleted fund balance. On December 31, 2012, our fund balance had dropped to 7%. Under his stewardship, the Town was able to retain its AAA bond rating.  Our current fund balance is a very healthy 40%. The standard benchmark is typically around 15%.  It is our intention to pay for the debt service from this project using fund balance to offset any expenses that exceed our operating revenue, and we plan to deliver budgets that continue to comply with the tax cap.

Our opponents also claim that half of the total amount of the $11.6 million contract will be used for streetscape improvements – not true!  The streetscape portion of the project is 22% of the total project costs. Click Fact Check to see all Documents and Reports for the Infrastructure and Streetscape Project.

We’re keeping our merchants informed of project scheduling, and we’ll be keeping everyone informed and safe during construction. Click photo to read coverage of groundbreaking ceremony.  You can also click here to sign-up for project updates.

We have a steadfast commitment to our business districts.   Construction has started.  We are in the best position to bring this project to a successful & timely completion. Click here to read more.