Why not seek your own party endorsement?

Hillary Clinton came to our Town Hall to swear in Rob Greenstein, Lisa Katz, Adam Brodsky, each of whom ran on the Republican line, and two others who ran on the Democratic line. She told a story about how she fought tooth and nail with Barack Obama to get the Democratic nomination and how, once it was over, they worked together for the good of the country. In fact, we know that President Obama campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But the New Castle Democratic Committee has never taken Hillary’s lesson to heart. Rob and Lisa are life-long Democrats who are endorsed by the Independence and New Castle Republican Party, personifying good government by putting New Castle residents above party politics. The result: They have been shunned by the New Castle Democratic machine for having the courage to challenge the status quo, earn the trust of voters and deliver on their promises to New Castle.

Two years ago, after Rob had already been Supervisor for two years, Rob approached the New Castle Democratic Committee about endorsing him. He said let’s put aside any personal acrimony for the benefit of the town. Let’s work together for the public good and our community. Rob hoped for support from his own party, but instead, the door was shut in his face.

This election, the games have continued. The New Castle Democratic Committee would only endorse Lisa Katz if she opposed Rob Greenstein. She refused. Lisa hoped for support from her own party, but instead, the door was also shut in her face.  And

The New Castle Democratic Committee also didn’t want to give voters the opportunity to decide at the polls who will represent the Democrats. Since Adam is an Independent, he needed to request a waiver from the New Castle Democratic Committee. His request was unanimously rejected.  Click “Rejected” to read more:

It is clear that the New Castle Democratic Committee puts their own interest above the best interests of the community.  Rob, Adam and Lisa have experienced this short-coming first-hand.

Rob, Adam and Lisa believe that the priority of all political organizations should be to put our Town’s interests first, and agendas second. They believe it is necessary for us to look beyond agendas and hostility, and instead, embrace Rob, Adam & Lisa for the benefit of the Town. This is the core of what good government is all about.