Serving Our Seniors

Many of our older residents want to age in place. We recognize that our property taxes drive-out our seniors and empty nesters. We want our seniors to have the opportunity to stay in the community and downsize to reduce their taxes, insurance, upkeep and utility bills while avoiding the hassles of maintaining a big home. We are working to cut costs and increase our commercial tax base to help reduce the tax burden on our seniors. We are working to make sure that the needs of our seniors – including housing, recreation, entertainment & quality of life – are being addressed.

Throughout the public outreach process related to the Comprehensive Plan we heard from our seniors. We heard that you wanted to stay in the community even though they no longer had children in the school system. We heard that they wanted affordable living situations that would accommodate their needs as older adults. We also heard they wanted improved recreational programming and more “walkable” and accommodating streets. The 2017 Comprehensive Plan contains language to examine our zoning code to allow the type of housing (i.e. first floor bedrooms, elevators) that they asked for. Right now our zoning code does not allow these types of housing very easily. We will change our zoning code so that developers can build product that meet the needs of our seniors. The Comprehensive Plan will finally address the needs of our seniors as well as the young people with families.

• Rob Greenstein hosted a Roundtable Discussion “How to keep empty nesters in the community” . Click photo to watch discussion.   As a result of the roundtable discussion, we worked to make sure seniors feel included in school district even after their kids’ graduation by the following:
Encouraged CCSD to offer more continuing education courses
Encouraged CCSD to advertise continuing education courses in the eNewsletter.
Encouraged school district not to remove residents from the school email list once their kids are out of the district.
• Saved The Chappaqua Perorming Arts Center from demolition to enhance culture and arts offerings to our seniors – click image for virtual tour
• Increase communication with Seniors via eNewsletter including adding spotlight on New Castle

• Increasing recreational activities for our seniors
• Supports conducting an Age-Friendly Action Plan to make sure that New Castle fosters physical, social and service environments to make New Castle a community for all ages.
• Economic analysis of the re-disposition of Town held property in downtown Chappaqua to meet the needs of millennium & seniors as stated in the comp plan

It’s now easier to find the senior programs on the town’s web site.  Click graphic.
New Castle Senior Citizen Supportive Services – “Are You OK?” Program
The Senter Street Club
Intergenerational Activities: Volunteer with At-Risk Youth
Door-to-Door Transportation
Home Delivered Meals Program
Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Program