Sewers in Millwood!

We are closer than ever to bringing sewers to Millwood!

Our Award Winning Comprehensive Plan includes plans to position the Millwood Business District for sewers, the first step in moving development of the Millwood Hamlet forward. Believe it or not, this was not done in prior comprehensive plans!

As far as our diversion project, this has been going on since 1997. This project would involve laying a sewer pipe in Route 100. A pipe that could be used to bring sewers to Millwood’s Business District, and connect as many homes as possible. Unfortunately, what began as a $16 million project has grown to an approximately $24.5 million project. The Town has gone to great lengths to try and secure grant funding but no additional funding has been received. Thinking outside the box, we may finally get it done! We are bifurcating the project. The sewer diversion for Riverwoods & Yeshiva would go to Mt Kisco. The sewer diversion for Random Farms would go to Briarcliff. By bifurcating this project, we save $4.5MM!  By bifurcating this project, we are finallly moving forward.

We already started studying the feasibility. We are undertaking the Millwood Sanitary Sewer District Feasibility Study to study the technical and financial feasibility of providing sewers to the Millwood Study Area.

We are in the best position to bring sewers to Millwood, finally.