Sledding – No Action Required, huh!?!?

Improving safety for children must be a priority of the elected officials. One of the very first proposals Rob made to the Town, years ago, had nothing to do with Chappaqua Crossing, Conifer, or the Chamber of Commerce which Rob started. Like Rob’s efforts today, he wasn’t concerned with political party lines, he was focused on the good of the community. He wrote to the Town and its counsel about the safety of our children at Gedney Park

On November 26, 2008, Rob wrote a letter regarding the sledding at Gedney. Sledding on a steep hill that slopped towards woods was a tragedy waiting to happen. His letter stated, as a parent to three young children, and member of the community, I felt compelled to write this letter. He wrote it “is my opinion that while critical steps were taken last winter to increase the safety of the sledding @ Gedney, more should, and needs to, be done.” You can read full letter Greenstein-sledding-letter-12.26.2008 A review of the Minutes of the December 2, 2008 work session indicated that “no action is required by the Town Board” in response to his letter.

When Rob became Supervisor, he took action. In 2015, we regraded the big hill at Gedney Park so it no longer slopes towards the woods. We shortened the hill and added a fence to block the tress. We approved a rule that requires minor children to wear a helmet when sledding in Town parks.

Action was most definitely required, and we got it done.