Sustainability – Greener in Every Sense of the Word

New Castle is leading the way to address environmental concerns and preserve our planet for the next generation – while reducing town, residential, and business costs. Working with our incredible Sustainability Advisory Board, New Castle is addressing these challenges. We are becoming a leader in New York State in environmental and fiscal responsibility.  We have passed legislation that has saved thousands of tons of carbon emissions. We are proud of our responsible stewardship of the environment
• Single Stream Recycling. We adopted single stream recycling in 2014. In 2015 we increased our recycling percentage and recycled nearly 74 more tons of waste!  New Castle won an award from Westchester County for being one of the of top 5 recycling municipalities in the country. 29% of our waste is recycled!
• Westchester Power – New Castle teamed up with 19 other Westchester municipalities to aggregate demand for electricity and then get the least expensive price for electricity. New Castle became the first municipality in New York State to have green electricity as our default. Following our example, 13 other municipalities adopted green as their default. 4,600 New Castle residences are now using Green Energy!
• Reusable Bag Initiative (RBI) – New Castle was the 1st town in New York State to implement a real, comprehensive Reusable Bag law!
• Solarize Westchester – Despite living among so many trees, New Castle and our partner, the Town of Somers, achieved some of the best results the Solarize program ever had. We had 30 new residential installations and 2 business installations.
• Town of New Castle was named the first small community the state and first community in Westchester County to be designated a NYS Clean Energy Community. We received a $100,000 grant!  We will use this grant to purchase a hybrid shuttle bus for provide free transportation for residents.
• Adopted
 a resolution supporting Paris Climate Accord
• Purchased an electric vehicle
• Adopted financing program which would allow commercial or non-profit property owners to pay back the cost of clean energy updates to their properties through a special charge on their property tax bill.
• Relocated the Take it or Leave it Shop to the train station parking lot which has dramatically increased the number of items being reused or repurposed and out of the waste stream
•  Approved the installation of three electric car chargers at the train station

We must do everything in our “power” to protect the environment.  One house, one neighborhood, one community at a time, we can all make a difference combating climate change – while saving money.  New Castle is leading New York State in responsibly preserving our environment for the next generation. Greener in every sense of the word!