Return to the Status Quo

Four years ago, Team New Castle won the Supervisor’s position and two Town Board seats because residents wanted a change. Our opponents want to return to the status quo.

They like to complain about “process” a lot. This is no surprise. They represent interests that would like nothing more than to restore a 25-year monopoly, under which monopoly “process” means subjecting New Castle residents to arrogant, unresponsive leadership, irresponsible housing developments and costly lawsuits. In short, we have experienced their version “process,” and we are still cleaning up the mess and attempting to mitigate the damage to residents.

When our opponents complain about process, it only serves to reveal that they either will not or cannot recognize that municipal leadership requires putting residents first. When these complaints are laced with personal attacks – as they often are – they also demonstrate that our opponents do not have the temperament for local government, where a basic level of civility and inclusiveness is necessary to ensure that a key principle endures: we are all members of the same community.

Our process and approach to Town government is clear, and it embodies why we first got involved four years ago. Our process puts New Castle interests first, where responsiveness, communication and collaboration are placed at a premium, along with cooperation with all members of the community, regardless of party affiliation. Our process involves consensus building and working across party lines for the benefit of all residents. Our process involves bringing residents together instead of dividing. This is how good government works, and we need your support to preserve these principles instead of returning to the failed practices promoted by our opponents.