The “Transgender Bathroom Bill”

We think it’s wonderful that Kristen is the first transgender person to run for a public office in New York State. Our administration created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to foster the spirit of diversity and welcomeness throughout our community. We appointed Kristen to that committee. Her candidacy is a testament to the spirit of diversity our administration sought to foster throughout New Castle. Click graphic to read more about our efforts.

The last thing Kristen should do as a candidate is intentionally mislead residents about transgender issues in New Castle. But she already has.

Specifically, during an April 30th interview televised on FIOS news, Kristen criticized Supervisor Greenstein for introducing a “transgender bathroom bill” that would require signs showing “a man, a woman, and a half-man / half-woman.”  This representation was simply false. Click photo to watch video – go to 10:30 mark.

In fact, what the Town Board actually did was simply ask its Diversity and Inclusion Committee to make recommendations on whether it would be appropriate to implement any changes to the public restroom facilities at Town Hall to better accommodate transgender individuals. No bathroom legislation was ever drafted or proposed.  Kristen’s remark about proposed bathroom signage was also false. Click Fact Check to read the Supervisor’s Report with graphic. 

This was the graphic that accompanied the March 13, 2017 Supervisor’s Report.  This is also the graphic that Supervisor Greenstein shared with the Inclusion & Diversity Committee, including Kristen, on March 20, 2017.   But, that didn’t stop Kristen a month later from providing misleading information about the signage.

Our administration’s commitment to diversity and inclusion includes keeping residents informed on these issues. Candidates who blatantly mislead residents, particularly on a sensitive and emotionally charged issue, cannot be trusted and do not deserve our support.