Turn New Castle Blue, huh?

Our opponents are part of a movement that is advocating that real change starts at a local level and then spreads upward. They believe Democrats have to “retake Government, building from the Town up”. They want to “Turn New Castle Blue again”, ignoring what everyone knows: New Castle registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2 to 1 margin, and residents have long figured out that party machine politics have no place in local government.

Keep in mind, the only two Democrats currently on the Town Board are Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz. Adam Brodsky is not affiliated. The last Republican to serve on the Town Board was in 1991. Putting aside their attempt to mislead voters, running on an anti-Republican platform is not a vision for our community. In fact, it’s that party first mentality when nothing gets done. It’s this party first mentality that causes gridlock. That was the problem with past administrations. They put the best interest of their party over the best interest of the community.

When you are an elected official you have a responsibility to the community, not a political party. When you are an elected official you have a responsibility to all constituents, not just members of one party. You have a responsibility to work across party lines for the benefit of the whole community. Sometimes that means working with elected officials whom we disagree with on certain policy issues. We will continue to speak out on issues where we disagree with our state and county elected officials – like our position that gun shows should absolutely be banned at the Westchester County Center. Or our position on immigration that is in sharp contrast to the position of Senator Terrance Murphy.

We have always tried, and will continue, to act in the best interests of New Castle. Let’s rise above what is happening at the National Level and reject the divisiveness when it comes to our community. We are better than that!