Attracting New Residents

For many, our homes remain our greatest expenditure and biggest investments. To protect that investment, we must attract new residents. We must market our community to prospective buyers!

We entered into a public-private partnership with Inside Chappaqua to create an attractive, full color, glossy, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” guide for current and prospective New Castle residents. The guide, distributed to all major real estate offices in New Castle, is chock full of Town and relevant information that captures the essence and opportunities of New Castle living. This comprehensive and useful guide is being proudly produced by Inside Chappaqua Magazine’s publisher together with a group of contributors, Inc. in close collaboration with the Town of New Castle, and will be updated annually. The guide is intended to serve as a year round resource/keeper for New Castle residents–those currently residing in New Castle and those either contemplating moving in or for those new to the area.  Click photo to see on-line version.

Supervisor Rob Greenstein hosted a Roundtable Discussion “What Prospective Home Buyers are Looking for”

Once residents move in, we roll out the welcome wagon to extend a friendly welcome to newcomers, and provide vital information to new residents. We want to encourage communication and give new residents all the information they’ll need as early as possible. An open line means everyone is informed and knows what’s going on.

Click here to view Welcome Letter sent to all new residents. 

Click here to view Welcome Email is sent to all new residents.

And extending a warm welcome to new residents is the first step in encouraging them to become actively involved in their new community, and Stay Connected. Click graphic to stay connected