West End Matters

For years, the West End felt ignored by Town government. We believe New Castle is a sum of its parts. As we noted in our New Castle Welcome Guide, the West End of town is characterized by rolling hills and rambling country roads with lovely old colonials sitting on two acres or more. It is home to Amsterdam Park and its soccer fields, the 82-acre Sunny Ridge Preserve with trails for hiking and cross-country skiing, and the Hudson Hills Golf Course, a public golf course high in the hills with lovely scenic views, run by Westchester County.  Click photo to read article

We believe no area of our Town matters more than another. We have the record to prove it.

  • Allapartus Rd.
    • Catch basin and drain pipe replacement
    • Reclaim and repave road surface
  • Spring Valley Rd.
    • New drain pipes installed
    • Drainage swale dug out
    • Reclaim and repave road surface
  • Glendale
    • Reclaim and repave road surface
  • Inningwood
    • Reclaim and repave road surface
  • Shinglehouse
    • Reclaim and repave road surface
  • Glendale Rd.
    • Shoulder cutting
    • Tree pruning in Right of Way
  • Routine annual maintenance on these roads has also included the following
    • Street sweeping
    • Catch basin cleaning
    • Sight line clearing
    • Pavement markings repainting
    • Pothole patching
  • After Con Ed conducted extensive storm hardening involving extensive tree removal in the West End we immediately told Con Ed to halt operations.
    We set up a meeting with residents, Town officials & Con Ed. As a result of the meeting, new protocols were established for New Castle.
  • Worked with Ossining to provide municipal water to residents on Spring Valley Road, including Sunshine Home, a hospital for the treatment of medically complex and chronically-ill children. Read More.
  • Worked with Ossining to secure funding for open space corridor and trail network
  • Established Millwood-West End Advisory Committee (formerly known as Millwood Task Force)
  • Appointed West End resident Gregg Sanzari to the New Castle Planning Board
  • Appointed West End resident Gregg Sanzari to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
  • Working to allow our New Castle Ossining & Millwood residents the option to use New Castle as an acceptable town name for their zip code
  • Working on building a DPW salt shed at water treatment plant in Millwood to reduce driving time for snow plows to replenish salt during a storm

Unfortunately, our opponents are attempting to mislead West End residents.  They have resorted to dishonest and defamatory attacks.  Candidates who make misleading statements are not candidates you can trust.  Here are some of their false statement:

They allege Con Ed tree removal was done to help Sunshine with their expansion.  It was part of Con Ed’s Storm hardening being done throughout Westchester.  Read More

They allege we paved Spring Valley Road & Allapartus Road to help Sunshine with their expansion.  Those roads were paved after our FEMA grant requests were denied.

Spring Valley Road FEMA denial dated January 2, 2016
Hawkes Avenue FEMA denial dated January 2, 2016
Allapartus Road FEMA denial dated January 2, 2016

They blame us for Sunshine’s expansion approval.  The application was never before the Town Board.  Read More.

They allege we secretly plotting to help the Sunshine Children’s Home obtain municipal water from the Village of Ossining.  Not true.  Read more

The Millwood Fire Department supported the installation of fire hydrants where currently none exist. Read more

They blame us for the “passing the buck” on performing the environmental review for the Sunshine Children’s Home.  The Town Board was prohibited from serving as Lead Agency.  Read more