We’ve Done More in 4 years than the Prior 25 Years


Four years ago Team New Castle won the Supervisor’s position and two Town Board seats based on the idea that the complacency of the past will not result in a better future for our community. We are a community that values hard work. Our residents work hard and they expect our elected officials to work hard. We couldn’t agree more!

  • Resolved Chappaqua Crossing, the most controversial land use application in our town’s history
  • Helped Recruit DeCicco’s to Millwood
  • Planned & Started massive Infrastructure & Streetscape project
  • Saved $4,000,000!
    • $3,300,000 over 7 years for our refuse contract.
    • $1,000,000 over 4 years for our workers compensation renewal (based on 2013-4 premium)
    • $40,000 on our liability insurance renewal
  • Reduced legal expenses which hit an astronomical high of $1.5 million in 2012
  • Saved the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center from demolition & turned it into a new regional destination for music and arts performances and a fabulous amenity for our community
  • Tripled paving budget without raising taxes
  • Started eNewsletter – a new communication staple in the community
  • Started Distracted Driving initiative – currently being duplicated in other communities throughout country
  • Revised Ethics Code (last time 1970)
  • Adopted numerous sustainability initiatives including:
    • Reusable Bag Initiative
    • Single Stream Recycling
    • Energize NY Finance
    • Solarize Westchester
    • Westchester Power
  • Safety Improvements at our railroad crossing.
  • Adopted Award Winning Comprehensive Plan (last time 1989)
  • Created numerous new citizen advisory committees to boost community involvement, including –
    • Mandate Relief Committee
    • Streetscape Committee
    • New Castle Arts & Culture Committee
    • Exceptional People of New Castle
    • Task Force on Health and Wellness
    • Community Inclusion & Diversity Committee
    • Community Preparedness Committee
    • Mandate Relief Committee
    • New Castle Youth Civics Action Committee
    • Downtown Business Development Committee
    • Coyote Management Task Force
    • Coyote Awareness and Safety Advisory Committee
  • Adopted new administrative policies for land use escrows, non-union employee payouts, vehicle use, anti-harassment and discrimination, and equal employment opportunity.
  • Revamped town’s new web site.

We have effectively dealt with the challenges we inherited and we are working to lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow for all residents. It’s about the government working hard for the community.

Most can’t even believe it’s a part time job.  It is a part time job. But caring for your community is a full time commitment. And we care. We care very much about the community. Our record makes that crystal clear.

We are proud of our record. Many residents feel that we’ve done more in 4 years than in the past 25 years. We agree.  We’re the best ones to get done what we started, and we have more to do.  This is our record!  Click below to read more.

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