Winning at Any Cost

Our opponents so desperately want to win this election, they have resorted to making attacks based on false information. Click here to read Fact Checks.

Misleading residents with false information is a sign that our opponents have nothing to run on. The public deserves many attributes in their leaders, but there are none more important than the following:
• Truthfulness – don’t lie to get votes.
• Be honest about who you are, your motives, and your ambitions. Using an electorate as a stepping stone is just a polite way of walking on the backs of the public.
• Don’t misrepresent history. There’s a record of everything. If you misrepresent history, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.
• Don’t make it personal. Public service is a privilege, so be the best version of yourself.

Elections should not be about winning at any cost.