Winning was Easy Governing is Harder

We all love the theater. Those of us who saw it, loved “Hamilton.” We all remember the Winning was Easy – Governing is Harder.

What does this have to do with New Castle? Everything. In New Castle, there are twice as many registered Democrats than Republicans. For 25 years, residents just voted down party lines.  As a result, for 25 years, the New Castle Democratic Committee held a monopoly on Town government. For 25 years, our Town Board – as well as our Town Attorney – was composed entirely of members of the New Caste Democratic Committee.

Winning was easy, but as each year passed, the local interests of New Castle residents were taken for granted and often ignored. For too many years, we had poor communication and unresponsive elected officials.  Governing was harder.  It required the New Castle Democratic Committee to do something they were unwilling to do: put New Castle interests first.

Our slate has two registered Democrats who have been shut out by the New Castle Democratic Committee. This group of political insiders was and remains loyal to the agenda of their committee. They put the best interest of their committee over the best interest of their party and the community, creating several of the most serious problems facing our community

We can’t go back to “do nothing” club politics. We challenged the status quo. We brought fresh ideas, positive energy and a new approach. The Town is now being run in a more responsive, responsible and respectful fashion, all while still cleaning up the mess that was made under the arrogance of one party rule. Our results speak for themselves! We are Getting Things Done!