Safety – Working Across Party Lines

Safety is not a Democrat nor Republican issue. Safety is a New Castle issue.

Working with ALL elected officials – especially on safety initiatives – must be the norm.  Public Safety must be an issue that crosses party lines.  Anything less is an abdication of our duty to ALL of our residents.  We are proud to work across party lines for the safety of our community.

•  NYS Senator Terrence Murphy (Republican) and Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix Ortiz (Democrat) introduced a bipartisan state bill called “Evan’s Law”, named after Ben’s 19-year-old son, making New York the first state to attempt a distracted driving policy that enables police to examine phones at an accident site – using the “Textalyzer”.   Assemblyman David Buchwald (Democrat) signed on as a sponsor.  The “Textalyzer” and proposed legislation has received National media attention including coverage on CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Daily News, NBC and CBS News. Click above photo to read local coverage.

• Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) has directed his Traffic Safety Committee to examine the “textalyzer” technology.  Click here to read coverage.

• Congresswoman Nita Lowey (Democrat) and Senator Terrence Murphy helped New York secure $5.2 million in grants to improve grade crossing signals and conditions between highway and rail traffic, and to install closed-circuit TV cameras to record incidents at the crossings. These safety improvements were recently installed at our on-grade crossing on Roaring Brook Road.

• Governor Cuomo has widely praised Senator Terrence Murphy for leading the effort to eradicate the heroin epidemic and appointed him to the Governor’s Heroin Task Force. Governor Cuomo also signed into law legislation authored by Senator Terrence Murphy which allows recovering addicts to enter judicial diversion programs, better known as drug courts, while obtaining medically prescribed treatment.  Click photo to read coverage.  His legislation is being modeled on the Federal level by Gillibrand (Democrat) & McCain (Republican).

Our opponents like to say who you stand with says everything about what you stand for. The only agenda that should matter is the safety and security of our community.  That’s what we stand for!